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Neuro-Cognitive Evaluation with Neurotrax

Neurotrax is a computerized cognitive assessment battery, which has been designed and evaluated in assessment of mild, and moderate severe cognitive impairment as well as allowing specific assessment for a range of disorders such as:

  •     attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
  •     traumatic brain injury
  •     Parkinson’s disease
  •     Multiple sclerosis
  •     Schizophrenia
  •     Mild cognitive assessment battery for age related cognitive decline
  •     Global assessment battery
  •     Brief assessment battery

The tests are administered sitting in front of a computer in the presence of a qualified trained assistant to guide you through the programme.

Neurotrax assessment batteries have been developed in collaboration with research centres of excellence worldwide and bring together many years of expertise and cutting edge developments in the fields of neuropsychology and cognitive neuroscience.

In this endeavour, the psychiatrists at Melbourne MediBrain Centre have established a clinical and research collaboration with the scientists at MindStreams to provide our patients with most advanced and cost effective methods of assessments which can be used for:

  •     memory assessment,
  •     brain injury assessment,
  •     ADHD,
  •     substance abuse disorders,
  •     alcoholism and
  •     mild cognitive impairment.

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