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Memory Enhancement Program

We know from years of scientific research that our brains need exercise to stay sharp and in shape, just like our bodies. We need only listen to common sense to know that your input will help us at MediBrain better understand your brain fitness hopes and thus tailor and improve our services to them.

As we age, our ability to concentrate decreases, and we aren’t able to execute mental operations as quickly as we did when we were younger. We may have difficulty remembering recently acquired memories. And unfortunately, we tend to focus on these minor memory losses, instead of concentrating on all the information that we do remember.

Cognitive aging is usually attributed to the progressive loss of neurons (the cells that conduct nerve impulses), but neuron loss is less important than it was thought to be a few years ago. We’re discovering that more important than the number of neurons is the intensity of their connections – intensity that can be strengthened through mental stimulation.

Recent scientific studies have shown that activities that require taking initiative and careful planning, like gardening and traveling, are associated with a decreased risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

Other studies have shown that it’s better for the mind to engage in manual activities such as do-it-yourself projects, painting, gardening, playing an instrument and participating in sports than it is to watch television, attend meetings, and listen passively to conversations.

To maintain sharp cognitive skills, it is necessary to vary your intellectual activities on a regular basis.

MediBrain memory programs provide you with a workout designed to expose the limits of your mind; build-up your brainpower and develop creativity in a highly personalized way.

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