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MediSleep Sleep Clinic

Let Us Help You Get A Good Night’s Sleep


The MediSleep Sleep Clinic is a specialised professional medical practice which is dedicated to excellence in the treatment of all types of sleep disorders.


We utilise the most current technologies available to diagnose and treat patients with a wide variety of sleep disorders including:

Snoring & Obstructive Sleep Apnoea



Restless Leg Syndrome

Circadian Rhythm Disorder

Sleep & Depression

We also specialise in diagnosis and management of sleep disorders associated with psychiatric or psychological problems.

We offer the following services:

Sleep medicine clinic

Diagnostic testing service

CPAP Management Program

Dental Sleep Medicine Program

Behavioural Sleep Medicine Program

Our sleep specialists work with each patient to fully assess their symptoms, determine the underlying cause of any sleep disorder, develop a personalized treatment programme and provide follow up services that assist with therapy compliance and ensure our patients’ overall satisfaction.

25% of Australians are Significantly Sleep Deprived

Twenty five percent of Australians are significantly sleep deprived, increasing their vulnerability to illnesses that range from digestive problems and depression through to increased risks of road accidents, chronic fatigue, memory and concentration problems, and many others.

As the medical profession, we understand the impact of chronic sleep loss on physical and mental health.

Research suggests that sleep is associated with:

  • Memory processing
  • Learning
  • Immunity
  • Mental acuity and moods
  • Rejuvenation and repair of the body

Sleep is also important for optimal brain function and sleep disruption results in reduced ability to function well during the day. Studies have shown that if one sleeps less than six hours per night – “good” hours – the sleep deficiency causes deterioration in ability to concentrate, in vigilance, ability to work efficiently, and “bad mood”.

Chronic sleep disorders may even lead to developing diabetes, heart problems and hormonal problems.

How We Can Help With Treating Sleep Disorders

We are able to provide treatment to patients diagnosed with sleep disorders in our centre. Treatment may include prescription of medication, providing special equipment to people with sleep apnoea and behavioural therapies, such as relaxation techniques.

For certain patients, surgical intervention may be appropriate, and our physicians will advise patients on available options.

For all patients, our staff are available to assist with personalized treatment and follow-up support.

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There you can find detailed information about sleep problems, our services and expertise, useful guides and downloads including a number of self evaluation tests.