Our Philosophy – MediBrain

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is that the brain is the engine room of the body and has to be treated with respect. Therefore, if you complain of depressed mood, mood fluctuations, pain, anxiety, memory problems, attention problems, sleep problems – these are symptoms, which require investigation to find out the cause and decide on best treatment.

This approach is applied to emotional problems, disorders related to brain function, pain disorders, ADHD, memory problems and sleep problems.

The assessment process involves an interview with a psychiatrist and one or more of specialty tests and examinations.

At the conclusion of the assessment process, after diagnosis is made, suggested treatment may involve:

  • individual sessions with one of our staff,
  • day treatment sessions in our day hospital facility,
  • neurocognitive training,
  • Alpha-Stim cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES),
  • group therapy sessions,
  • medication,
  • natural and complementary therapies,
  • or combination of all of the above.

Your treatment team at MMBC consists of highly qualified and experienced psychiatrists, psychologists, mental health nurses, and allied health staff.

“Meeting the team and undergoing treatment at MediBrain has changed my life – saved my marriage, improved relationships. Everyone is so professional and kind.”
J. O.

If you have wondered whether anything can be done about some of the problems that you have been experiencing but didn’t know who to ask call 9504 8283 to make an appointment to discuss with one of our highly qualified and experienced staff.

All consultations are highly confidential and are conducted at our brand new luxury centre in North Caulfield.

Medicare and Private Health Insurance Rebates apply.

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