IIPP – MediBrain


The IIPP was established in 2003 as an interdisciplinary research institute that brings together expertise from the fields of medicine, pharmacology and mental health to make advances in the clinical care of mental health patients. Our focus is on identifying protocols for diagnosis, medication and treatment that will make a real difference in mental health care.

As a research institute our aim to be an Australia thought leader in psycho pharmacological research through the application of innovative research programs that will lead to better understandings about mental health disorders and deliver improved clinical care and treatments in mental health.

We do this by:

  • Conducting interdisciplinary research drawing on expertise and methodology across medical disciplines to improve clinical outcomes in mental health.
  • Developing standardised comprehensive assessment tools to provide diagnosis, treatment and positive outcomes for mental health disorders.
  • Formulating research that will cultivate objective measures of brain function as the basis for evidence based clinical care for mental health patients.
  • Sharing our findings and knowledge with organisations, practitioners and carers who have a mutual interest in improving treatment in mental health.

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