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The adage, “You can’t teach old dogs new tricks,” is no longer applicable in this time and age. Apparently, you can teach dogs new tricks.

With so many researches confirming that the brain (human or otherwise) can still rewire itself after an incapacitating accident, or after overcoming in-born brain deformity; more and more scientists are turning their attention to their studies on the slow degeneration of mental health.

The first obstacle to overcome in brain training is the negative mindset that once you reach a certain age, you can no longer function properly. Age will slow down human physiology at one point or the other, but this is a very, very slow process – often taking years to manifest.

This defeatist thinking of not being able to do the things that you used to, or do it as well as you used to, or as fast as you used to, makes the your brain think that you want to slow down, and so it does.

The brain sends out signals to the rest of the body slowing down everything from cognitive functions to metabolic functions to muscle movement. In short, you are teaching yourself to grow old faster.

However, this kind of thinking can be used on a positive note. You can expend the same cognitive energy teaching your mind to remain mentally healthy. Learning new skills or languages at this point can help sharpen the mind.

Memory can also become sluggish for a range of other reasons such as stress, drug or alcohol abuse, a range of medical conditions, trauma, ADHD, pain, fibromyalgia and other problems.

At Melbourne MediBrain Centre we conduct a formal assessment of various aspects of memory and brain function and then structure a training exercise programme depending on the specific needs of the individual.

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