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Important changes to private health insurance for mental health

From 1 April 2018, the Australian Government made changes to mental health cover by allowing upgrade to access higher benefits for psychiatric care in a private hospital without serving a two month waiting period as a once in a lifetime offer (visit Supporting mental Health – Waiting period exemption for higher benefits).

For more information about this offer, please contact your health fund.

The Melbourne Medibrain Centre is a registered private outpatient hospital providing mental health day programs for visitors and patients.

Providing both individual and group programs, Medibrain also has an outreach program dedicated to facilitating community service. As well as our hospital day programs Medibrain also provide training and seminars to the medical profession as part of our charter to advance awareness of mental health conditions, new treatments and therapies and furthering research into mental health treatment best practices.

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy

Medibrain’s ACT therapy focuses on educating and training participants to skillfully deal with painful emotions, thoughts and avoidance in daily life.

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Mindfulness Program

Our mindfulness program is a cognitive based therapy to help people to pay attention to thought and behaviour patterns and develop skills for effective management.

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Addictive Behaviour Groups

Designed to explore the emotional, psychological and social complexities of addictive behaviour and ways to minimise their harmful effects.

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Dialectical Behaviour Therapy

Medibrain’s DBT program is formulated to help with managing distress, reducing self-harming behaviours and improving interpersonal skills.

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Medibrain also provides a range of life-skills group programs to assist people lead more healthy, meaningful and mentally fulfilling lives.

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