Addictive Behaviours Groups

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About Addictive Behaviours Groups

The groups  explore the emotional, psychological and social complexities that underpin addictive behaviour, such as drug and alcohol misuse and gambling.

Therapeutic goals for the groups will be to increase a person’s knowledge and acceptance about making informed choices rather than the repetitive and compulsive acting of “old” interactive patterns of behaviour. Hence, the content of these groups will explore the importance of:

  • How addictive behaviours are strongly related to social, cultural and other environmental influences.
  • Examining the underlying issues that are often the causal effects of addictive behaviours.
  • Understanding and changing addictive patterns of behaviour and also the circles of change.
  • Explore issues pertaining to personality traits, core beliefs, sense of self, and patterns of emotional responses.
  • Understanding internal dialogue and the process of decision-making – are decisions reached through the internal process influenced by life experiences? Look at what influences thoughts, emotions and responses.
  • Relapse prevention and harm minimisation strategies.


The total cost of Addictive Behaviours Groups is $550.00 payable on commencement. A refund can be claimed through private health cover or alternatively through Medicare.

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