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Depression? Anxiety? MediBrain Has The Answer!

Melbourne MediBrain Centre is a fully accredited specialist neuro psychiatric clinic in Melbourne providing excellence in psychiatric treatment and research in collaboration with International Institute of Psychopharmacology and Sleep Clinic Melbourne.

Melbourne MediBrain Centre provides a complete range of psychiatric services including day hospital treatment programmes in a private fully confidential setting specially designed to cater for patients’ psychological needs.

MediBrain offers depression treatment, anxiety treatment, ADHD treatment, bipolar treatment, and other psychological therapies designed to get your brain balanced and functioning normally. We also host MediSleep, an in-depth sleep disorder clinic that treats sleep apnea, circadian rhythm disorders, narcolepsy, and other sleeping problems.

Our wide experience and range of services allows MediBrain to work closely with courts, providing medicolegal Melbourne reports. As we’ve found, courts prefer objective assessment to one based only on psychiatric interview.

If you have concerns related to a mood disorder, a mental dysfunction, or a brain injury, come in to our Melbourne Clinic for a psychiatric interview and possible diagnosis today.

Our Treatments

MediBrain Psychiatric Clinic

MediBrain operates in accordance with requirements of National Health Standards and our Quality Policies reflect these requirements.

We are proud to inform our consumers and carers that since start of operations there have not been any critical incidents or serious adverse events within our organisation. This is an exceptional achievement and we thrive to maintain same level of quality to our patients and carers moving forward.

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